Unique Factor

Every Name is according to its
relevance in this novel

Places Names

Bangolarrea — Land of Blessed
Firdos — In the Urdu language the word Firdous means Jannet or heaven; a very
beautiful garden.

Tribe Names

Panahasi — Egyptian name meaning ‘the barbarian’
Falcon — Eagle, Falcons are birds of prey belonging to the raptor family. Their name is
derived from the Latin word for “sickle,” as their wings are vaguely shaped like sickles.
In England, Falcon means surname relating to falconry.
Naga — Nāga (Indonesian: Naga or nogo; Khmer: neak) is the Sanskrit word for
snake or dragon. In Hindu-Buddhist belief, Naga are celestial dragons often able
to take human form. They are usually limbless but those with legs resemble the
Chinese dragon.

Character’s Names

Silviya — ‘belonging to the forest’ The name Silviya comes from the same Latin
root as “sylvan,” so Silviya could represent the forest or forest creatures.
Manav — In India, Manav means human beaing, Origin- Sanskrit.
Ralf — In American meaning is red wolf
In old British English –wise Wolf or Wolf Counsel
Camarin — The name Camarin is of Native American Chamoru origin and means
“shelterer, protector”.
Raymond- Old German origin, and the meaning of Raymond is “protecting hands”.
The English name Raymond means - “wise protector.”
Python — snakes found in Africa, Asia and Australia Derived from the Greek word
Trisha — in Hindi wish, desire, thirst, pyaas
In England, Trisha means noble. In Latin America, Trisha means of noble descent.
Veer — In India, Veer means brave.
Emily — It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Emily is “ flatterer ,rival; laborious”

Fillin — Origin- Celtic
Meaning- Little Wolf
Felina — as a girl’s name is a variant of Faline (Latin), and the meaning of Felina
is “like a cat”.
Cupid — Roman Mythology- The god of love
Fiona — as a girl’s name is pronounced fee-OWN-ah. It is of Irish and Gaelic
origin, and the meaning of Fiona is “fair
Origin: Gaelic Meaning: air, white, beautiful
Bindy — Origin-Australian Old English: Beautiful Serpent, Beautiful and Tender
Kachina — The Native American name Kachina means - sacred dancer
Heru — Egyptian Meaning-sun god
Variant spelling of Egyptian Haru, meaning “falcon.” In mythology, this is the name
of the son of Isis, a falcon-headed god of the sky.
Javed — Persian Name, Meaning - eternal
Origin - Persia
Bidziil- The name Bidziil is of Native American Navajo origin and means “he is strong”.
Adolph — It is of Old German origin, and the meaning of Adolph is “noble, majestic
Askook — In the United States, Askook means snake. In Native American usage,
Askook means snake (Algonquin).
Lashay — The name Lashay is of English origin and means “admirable”. It also
means “hawk like” in Irish.
Bozo- It’s North American English slang for “clown”.
The English term ‘bozo’ means 1: an informal term for a youth or man; 2: a man
who is a stupid incompetent fool
Babieca — Spanish name meaning “a simpleton; stupid.”
Chayton — Native American Sioux name meaning “falcon.”
Falk — Jewish name derived from the Yiddish word falk, meaning “falcon.”
Horsa — Old English name meaning “horse.”
Greek name meaning “wild horse.
Migisi — In the United States, Migisi means eagle. In Native American usage,
Migisi means eagle (Chippewa).
Addy — Origin- Teutonic, Meaning - awe-inspiring; noble
In England, Addy means ardent. In France, Addy means nobility.
Adela — Origin-Old German, Meaning-Noble
Egloo — Related to Eagle
Sneka — Related to Snake

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