Book Summary

Silviya, a girl living in our present day society in India, finds herself unexpectedly confronted with difficult questions about herself due to her horrible dreams. She was born amid of bloodshed and violence in an obscure tribe of North America. Her grandmother Trisha who was an Indian took her to India for safety and solace and shattered all relationship with past. Silviya knew nothing about her origin but past cast it shadows, same happened with Silviya.

The balance between Silviya’s study and family becomes disrupted as she travelled North America and found some hue of her origin. Her relation with her grandmother reaches dangerous levels; soon, their lives shattered once again.

Forced to pick up the pieces and deal with her past, Silviya embarks on a journey to an obscure region Bangolarrea with her friends where she was born; to find truth and her identity. The path to the answers they seek-and have sought for all their lives-is one that takes them entered into dangerous water.

The Falcon tribe in which Silviya was born is threatened by Nāga tribe. She will be there to lead a deadly battle and kill Python!

As the time go by, Silviya finds herself slowly falling in love with her college friend Manav, but is it even possible for a girl from the obscure tribe, having supernatural powers and a boy of modern day age to have a happy ending together?

The presence of a young warrior Ralf, in her tribe and the future forecasts prompts her to rethink whether it is better to forget or to rehabilitate in India with Manav or whether to live in the past or destroy it once and for all? What would be the outcome of war, would Silviya be able to survive?

Princess Of Falcons has allowed author to explore not only the heightened supernatural powers gained through animals and birds, but given the opportunity to encounter unique worlds and shape a story that encompasses those unusual settings and multicultural theme.

The story includes three love stories, romance, tension, suspense, depiction of now a days hostel and college life, contains several humorous scenes, tribal life, a fierce battle,   touch of supernatural elements coupled with inspirational dialogues and seven original poems related to situation.

It will appeal to mainstream fantasy readers, supernatural power seeker enthusiasts, passionate romantics, as well as those who enjoy a good story, a
good laugh, a few tears, and a happy ending. Although Princess Of Falcons stands alone as a novel, Author has outlines for two potential sequels.

The characters in this book are destined to stray down a different path other than the one society suggests as the real world. Each chapter leads the reader into a world altered slightly from the one they know. For Himani, this is what good fiction is about, an opportunity to escape from the daily grind and wander down someone elses path an unknown path.

Key Words- Eagle-pendent, Sorceress, Panahasi ,Trinity, Bangolarrea, Firdos, Death Valley, Camarin, Sword of Doom, Falcons, Nagas, Snakes Curse, Deadly Alliance, Battle, Werewolf, Black River.

Unique Factor- The names of persons and places Himani Vashishta have chosen are according to their character and situation. 

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