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Silviya is twenty years old, a tall, slim and extremely beautiful girl, very brave by nature, living in present day society in India. Silviya is a paragon of beauty with a toned, five-foot eight-inch, and athlete physique. Although she is damn beautiful but she did not look like a typical Indian beauty. The twenty year old Silviya is called by her friends ‘tourist’, because of her foreigner looks, her thick brown hair, probing blue eyes, a dauntingly deep voice, and the strong, carefree smile of a collegiate athlete.

Book Excerpts describing Silviya-

1.     “Just at dawn,
when everyone’s asleep,
I saw her wandering
through the night.
Dancing and singing,
enjoying the shower
Her lips, her eyes, her soul
were like a work of art,
Her sweet face,
neither creƤture nor flower
It seemed to me,
like a fairy dancing in moonlight.
No colours could express
Her deep beauty in painting
That Angel has stolen my heart
And caught its beat.”

2.   “Veer knew very well that Silviya was really a paragon of beauty with a toned,five-foot eight-inch, and athlete physique. Although she was damn beautiful but she did not look like a typical Indian beauty. The twenty year old Silviya was called by her friends ‘tourist’, because of her foreigner looks, her thick brown hair, probing blue eyes, a dauntingly deep voice, and the strong, carefree smile of a collegiate athlete. Many of the guys of her city were crazy about her to a great  extent.”

3.   “Silviya glanced over at Ralf, raising her eyebrow but didn’t share a smile. Of course, she was looking sweet and sexy, her dark brown hair sleeked back and tapering at her neck, while her soft blue eyes focused ahead of her, giving Ralf the impression she didn’t have his thought in her head.”

4.   “You look unbelievable, so gorgeous, so graceful, and so elegant.” He said gazing her face. Silviya could feel his raised heart beats under her palm, and she guessed that he hadn’t placed her hand there accidentally.”

5.   “Silviya was looking dazzling in shimmer silvery gown, with her dark brown hair piled up in a soft crown on top of her head. Her veil going underneath failed to hide the radiance of her glowing beauty.
 “Oh, Silvi!” my child, Oh, honey, you’re looking so beautiful!” her grandma spoke to her in emotion loaded tone. Silviya’s mouth dimpled at the corners, and then she laughed. She’d a pretty laugh, pretty as her speaking voice.”


Veer is a fitness freak young, tall and a good looking boy of twenty-one. Veer has a attractive face. Not handsome, exactly, but strong-looking, with dark eyes and a good firm chin, and lines about the corners of his eyes when he smiles.


Manav looks very sober and generally wears formal attire. He appears a decent boy and with his bright black eyes through frameless specs. Because of his sincereity and wisdom his friends call him Einstein.

Book Excerpts describing Manav-
1.   “Emily muttered taking deep sigh. Her eyes flickered on Manav who was sitting next side to Silviya. Busy in talking they did not seem to notice Emily. Standing from her place Emily threw a glance at Manav, like always he was looking handsome.”

2.   “Manav and Emily still cling to each other, discussing their past, lost in the thoughts of the wonderful time they spent together in the past.
Silviya gazed at them; Manav looked sober in his formal attire of neat, stripped, white shirt and grey’ coloured trousers combined with nice black shoes. Manav noticed her gazing him, gave her a smile.”


He is tall, brawny, and having brown eyes, big hands and feet, and a sharp nose. This man is a warrior. There is a confidence and a sense of authority in him and his impressive personality lefts a mark on viewer’s heart. He lives in an obscure tribe of North-America.

Book Excerpts describing Ralf-

1.   “Silviya took a moment to let her gaze travel down his well-shaped body. Brown hair clung to his legs and arms. Muscles rippled under his skin when he moved. He was a young man, perhaps twenty, but surely no more, with a fall of well-combed, wheat-coloured hairs that reached up to his broad shoulders. The way Ralf was standing in front of her, looking like a work of perfection, a perfect male that could be seen in visual imaginations or dreams only; made Silviya jerk her head to make out a difference with a distinction separating each other to distinguish between dreams and reality. She stared at him long in confusion.
But Ralf stood composed in his natural elegant way, ignoring the long stare of Silviya; might be he had become accustomed to such looks by women.”

2.   “She waited for him standing on the snowy path under a tree. She could hear Ralf’s laugh through the half-open door, left open of that cottage. He had a big, hearty laugh, a brisk manner. He had the talent of making people talk to him freely, and an inexhaustible patience in listening to them.
While standing on the snowy road Silviya had the time to see his shining face, brown, but with a mantling blush, but as if his brown cheeks had been vigorously slapped to make them red. She couldn’t help noticing him minutely due to the fact he had distinct personality.
He looked quite young. With a distinct catch in his breath, his voice sounded high and confident. He seemed very lively and active. His prominent brown eyeslet the viewer to know the seriousness of his thoughts to the surprise he looked sometimes careless outwards.
Surprisingly Silviya thought it was not safe to think about Ralf as he had enough qualities which could provide a girl enough imagination to fall in love with him as he looked anything like the masterpiece of masculinity.”

3.   “For a moment Silviya’s gaze travelled on Ralf. Damn... he was a work ofperfection. Roped muscles twisted under his flesh; as he was trying to make out some meaning from Silviya’s words. Their gazes locked for a moment; Ralf’s golden eyes were so deep that she imagined she could see through his soul. The question about his secret existence as a Wolf —seemed silly to her. He had the most beautiful soul, more beautiful than his brilliant mind or his incomparable face or his glorious body.”

4.   “But Silviya didn’t seem to notice them; all she really saw was Ralf— outstanding personality, confident moves with tons of politeness and joy. His face was extraordinarily glowing with depth of emotions. Look of his wonderful personality filled her vision and overwhelmed her mind.”

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